Cancellation/Missed appointment/ Lateness policies

I'm often booked 2-4 weeks in advance, which means I have a lot of kitties who are waiting a while to get groomed, so it's important to me that I am able to make use of all appointment spots that I have.   Therefore, the following policies are in effect for any changes to your appointment.  



Please try to make any scheduling changes 48 hours before your appointment. While I understand that everyone has schedule issues and I do try to be flexible, please keep in mind that there are a lot of other kitties who need help and would have love to have your spot, so giving me some notice allows me to rebook. Since I'm mobile, it can be difficult to fill a spot when I have no notice as I have to factor in travel times.

First cancellation in under 48 hours: I understand that emergencies and conflicts come up, so your first cancellation has no fee. 

Second cancellation in under 48 hours: There will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of your groom added to your next appointment. (eg. If you are getting a lion cut for $75, your groom will now cost  $112 or $75+$37).  You will need to send a deposit for 50% of the new total cost of your groom in order to rebook.  This deposit is non-refundable, so if you cancel again in less than 48 hours, this deposit will not be returned to you.

Third (and greater) cancellation in under 48 hours:  I will require a deposit for the price of your groom plus the cancellation fee emailed to me in advance. This deposit is non refundable and if you wish to reschedule again less than 48 hours before your appointment, this deposit will not be returned to you.

I reserve the right to apply this policy to anyone who chronically reschedules in under 48 hours.  Also, please note that if you are cancelling in under 1 hour from your appointment, the no show policy will apply instead.

No Show

If you are not at home at the time of your scheduled appointment, I will attempt to contact you, but if I have not heard from you within 5-10 minutes, I will leave. I understand that emergencies and last minute conflicts come up and that mistakes happen. However, please consider that I am often driving 20 minutes to over an hour to get to your home and my next appointment is unlikely to be around the corner. Also, no showing uses up an appointment spot that a pet who may badly need a groom could have used. 

First missed appointment: There will be a charge of 50% of the missed appointment's fee.   This will need to be emailed to me.  This is non-refundable and is not applied to your next appointment (ie. the next appointment will still be the full fee)

Second missed appointment:  I will require a deposit for the full amount of the appointment before rebooking plus the missed appointment fee (50% of the appointment's cost).   This deposit is non refundable and will not be applied to another appointment or reimbursed if you miss the appointment.

Please note that, unlike cancellations, the missed appointments are cumulative.  Therefore, once you've had two missed appointments at any time, you will not be able to book a new appointment without sending a deposit for the grooming fee.


The TTC is unreliable and traffic in the city is awful.  I will make every effort to accommodate you if you're running behind and contact me.  Please remember that I have other appointments after yours and therefore will not be able to spend the full appointment time with you.  However, if you'll be longer than 15 minutes past the appointment start time, I will likely have to reschedule.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  If I am running late (due to traffic or previous appointments running over time), you will still get your full appointment.


Appointments are scheduled in the order requests are received.   

Please understand that I am only one person and therefore, there are only so many appointments I can do in one day.  While I understand your concern for your kitty, I have a set number of hours I can work each week in order to remain effective.  This also applies to rescheduling or missed appointments.  I sympathize that mistakes and schedule changes happen, but please understand that I cannot rectify these issues by booking appointments prior to my first available date (although I am happy to put you on my cancellation list). 

All of my clients care about their kitties as much as you care for yours.  Therefore, an important operating principle of this company is equity - all booking requests are treated with the same weight.  I do not offer earlier bookings for a fee, nor am I able to schedule you ahead of other clients if you reschedule or miss an appointment.  

I do not have a location for you to bring your kitty to in order to save on travel fees or acquire an earlier appointment.


Due to time constraints, the services you book for will be the services you are charged for.  So, if you book for a full cut and then opt to do only remove matted areas, you'll still be charged for a full cut.  If you book for a bath and dematting and then opt not to do the bath, you'll still be charged for both services.  I apologize for any inconvenience, but if I book a long appointment when only a short one was needed, it means other kitties are waiting longer for their appointment.  Please have a good idea of what you'd like done prior to booking - I'm happy to advise you based on what your cat's grooming issues are.


For any appointment, there must be an adult of at least 18 years of age to assist with holding your cat.  If, for any reason, you are unable to make your appointment at the last minute, a child under the age of 18 is, unfortunately, not an acceptable substitute.  If an adult cannot be there, the above policies on cancellations will apply.  Please understand that this is for safety reasons for your child - no matter how well they get along with their kitty, grooming makes cats behave differently.  Also, even a cat who isn't trying to injure a human can do so simply by scrambling to get away and digging their nails into an arm or leg - they are trying to escape something they don't want to do and will usually extend their nails on instinct.   I would hate for your child to be physically injured or have their relationship with their kitty damaged during a grooming session.

It is also better for your cat to have someone with both strength and confidence hold them.  Children often cannot hold very well (they're just smaller and cats are incredibly strong when they want to be) and that makes the grooming take longer.   Almost every cat reaches a point where they've had enough and it's important we get them groomed as efficiently as possible to make the experience positive.

I am happy to have your child observe the process so long as one the child's guardians is present.  I think it's great for children to have a love of animals and an understanding of how to care for them, so if watching me groom helps with that, I'm happy to have them in the room.

Thank you for your understanding.

elderly, ill or easily stressed kitties

My approach is always to do what is necessary prior to worrying about aesthetics.  So, if you have an old kitty with severe matting, I'm going to get the mats off and then assess how your cat is doing.  If they're not too stressed out, we'll make them look nice, but if they are, I will recommend we stop.  The same is true of a younger cat who is incredibly stressed out.  Stress is not the same as anger - if your cat is just hissing or swiping at me, I'm not that concerned (see FAQ on difficult kitties).  If they are panting or panicked, however, that is a different story and I will recommend not pushing a stressed out cat for too long.

If you are considering doing a cut and bath on the same day, I recommend that we do the cut and then see how your kitty is doing.  Some cats can handle both, some cats cannot.

Finally, I am always happy to stop the process if you, the owner, asks me to.  Some people are less concerned with how their kitty looks than others.  So, I will always try to do a proper "lion cut" (so long as your cat isn't in distress), but if you aren't worried about, say, having perfect boots, just let me know (and if you do want perfect boots, let me know that too).  While I'm good at assessing the difference between a kitty who is being melodramatic and a kitty who is legitimately distressed, at the end of the day, they're your kitty and you know them best.  So, never feel like you 'have' to do anything when it comes to how your kitty looks.