Prices as of March 1, 2019

Lion cuts/


This service includes a hair cut and a nail trim. A lion cut involves trimming down all the fur like a "buzz cut" with the exception of the head, feet and end of tail. You can also opt for a longer length trim. (Please see FAQ for notes on length options)


Cut only: $79.65 + HST = $90

Cut and bath: $92.92 + HST = $105

Dematting: adds $5-$40 depending on severity


This service includes a nail trim, full bath in all-natural shampoo, a gentle blow dry and brush out.


Bath: $70.80 + HST = $80

Add sanitary shave: $5-$10

Dematting: adds $5-$25 depending on the severity

Please note: I will not give flea baths. This is an unsafe treatment for cats. Please see my grooming FAQ for futher information.


If your cat has only a few small knots, you can opt to just brush or shave the matted areas. Please be aware that cats have very thin skin and dematting can be very painful. For this reason, I will not brush out large, tight or excessive matting. If you aren't sure if you want a full cut or just dematting, my general recommendation is that if there is only one or two small areas with mats, you can just remove them. If the matting is all over or very large, a full cut is best (see entry above). Pricing is determined by the length of time needed to safely remove the mats.


Dematting: starts at $44.25 + HST = $50 and goes up based on time

Nail Trim: add $5

nail trims/soft paws

One cat: $30.97 + HST = $35 for one cat

Two or more cats in same home: $26.55 + HST = $30 per cat

Nail trim and soft paw application: $39.82 + HST = $45

sanitary trim

For kitties who have issues with things getting trapped in their "fur pants", this service shaves away the fur just around their bottom.


Sanitary shave: $44.25 + HST = $50

Sanitary shave and nail trim: $48.67 + HST = $55