Sarah at Cleopawtra is fantastic!
She has been giving my big, furry brown tabby Angus “lion cut” haircuts since 2010 when I found her online and it has made my life much easier!
Instead of trying to wrangle your cat into a carrier and to the groomers or vet clinic, Sarah brings her cheery self and her equipment right to your door. This is important because it means that your cat isn’t stressed out by travel before the groomer even begins! And even more importantly, she doesn’t use any drugs - just her patience and experience (and maybe a towel if needed) and she is patient, thorough and careful and does a fantastic lion cut!
Additionally, she is available in the evenings (for those who work 9-5 this is so important!) and she has squeezed me in when she has had cancellations and Angus needed a haircut pronto!
AND....she is VERY reasonably priced (check her website for details, I am easily saving $40 per cut compared to what I used to pay at the vet’s office!)
I am so happy I found Sarah - she makes shaving my cat easy (which, as any cat owner knows, is truly a miracle!)
— Diana

Sarah’s house call is worth every penny!! She loves her job and truly understands the cat’s personality! The appointment is completely stress-free; she takes her time and works with the kitty not against them. I’m thrilled to have found her and value her services tremendously. My Persian kitty, Miss. Stella visits with her every 4-5 months.:)
— Kinga
Incredibly patient and gentle with my “furson.” Your calm demeanor put both of us at ease! Griffin feels like a new man with his handsome lion cut, and all his knots removed! Thanks for providing an economical and stress free service for us cat lovers.
— Danielle

Sarah “got” our huge long haired cat! It was nice to see how she immediately saw all his good qualities. Right away I could see she has a real knack for making cats feel comfortable yet showing them gently that she is in charge. She was very thorough, yet didn’t push for a full lion cut (turns out it wasn’t needed). She showed zero timidity when he was screeching and throwing his (considerable) weight around. I was also impressed that when I paid her what I thought I needed to (for a full cut) she without hesitation corrected me and gave some back. We will definitely be calling her again.
— Lisa

I am thrilled to have found Sarah to groom my very knotted and temperamental Ragdoll Beau! Sarah created a new much happier and handsome Beau! I will recommend Sarah, without reservations to anyone needing grooming for their cats! And her home service can’t be beat....for cat and owner too.
— Iris
It was fast and looks great! They were clean and made sure I was happy before finishing up. They ran late due to traffic, but let me know way ahead of time which was very professional and courteous. My sister with a long hair immediately asked for the Cleopawtra contact after seeing my cat Ham’s lion cut! And I have recommended to other friends considering getting their cats groomed!
— Emmily

Sarah was just awesome. Handled my cat with aplomb, compassion and patience. She was also super reassuring to me personally as I suspect I was more worked up than my cat was. She was punctual and finished the job in way less time than anticipated. I would heartily recommend Her services! She definitely knows what she’s doing and does it really well. Bonus: she also has a friendly and personable disposition. Highly recommend!
— Catherine

Sarah is professional, friendly and demonstrates an amazing ability to work with cats. We are very pleased with her service and would definitely recommend her to any cat owner.
— Louis
Sarah was able to schedule me in quite quickly and she arrived at my house on the minute! Getting my cat’s nails trimmed was quick and painless with Sarah and she just adored my 17 year old kitty.
— Jason