About cleopawtra

Cleopawtra Cat Services is a mobile service for cats in Toronto. It is owned and operated by Sarah Wendling and was founded in 2005.

Cleopawtra offers both grooming and cat sitting services.


about Sarah

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Sarah began her life in St. Thomas, Ontario. She has always had a love of animals and at various times in her childhood, she lived with rabbits, fish and a dog. One day, Spot, an orange tabby, decided that he’d like to make the Wendling house his house. Spot was Sarah’s first cat and he showed her what a beautiful, smart, entertaining and generally demanding species he represented. She has loved them ever since.

Sarah moved to Toronto to study film.  After graduating, she started volunteering at the Toronto Humane Society in the kitten nursery. It was here that Sarah discovered she really liked working with animals, especially cats, and decided to make animal care her career. She started Cleopawtra Cat Services in 2005 and she also worked at veterinary clinics from 2006 to 2013.


office assistants

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After two years of residence living, Sarah found her own apartment and promptly adopted her first "non-family pet", Maximus Quintus Sparticus, aka Max. Sarah was also studying Classics and thought a pretentious Roman name would be just the thing for her new kitty – Max has done a smashing job of living up to it. He is currently 18 and taking his job as the grumpy old man of the house to whole new levels.         


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Sarah and Max were joined by Sophie several years later when Sophie was only a couple of days old. She was supposed to be a foster cat, but in the end, Sarah utterly failed at fostering and wound up giving Sophie a forever home instead. Sophie is as grateful as one could expect from a cat, which is to say she occasionally sits on Sarah’s lap and has dutifully hidden all of the household pens. She has also taken to carefully supervising all sewing activities.

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Captain Jack Sparrow-Harkness The Time Traveling Pirate Kitten arrived in 2012.  The Toronto Cat Rescue found him on the street and brought him into the clinic Sarah was working at.  He instantly decided that Sarah was going to provide him a home and Sarah is not one to argue with a snuggly kitten.  He came in missing his left eye, but that in no way slows him down - he has proven to be a fan of destruction, mayhem, and "not helping", but he does it with maximum adorableness.