What type of Payment do you accept?

I can take cash, cheque or email transfer sent to info@cleopawtra.ca. All listed prices include tax.

Do you require my cat to be up do date on their vaccines?

No. Grooming salons require vaccines because your cat will be in contact with other animals. So, for both the protection of your kitty and the kitties of other people, it's important that they are vaccinated. Since I'll be in your home and your kitty won't be in contact with other pets, vaccines aren't required.

I would, however, urge you to always take you cat in for a yearly check up, even if you aren't vaccinating. Cats are notoriously stoic creatures and will not generally show symptoms of illness until that illness is quite pronounced. I've seen cats with teeth rotting out of their face still eat hard kibble. Just because your cat is indoors and looks fine doesn't mean that they are. Plus, most illnesses are both cheaper to treat and have a better prognosis if caught early. Most vets will work with you if you don't wish to vaccinate and you can even get house call vets if you don't want to transport your cat anywhere. But that annual check up is quite important and I'd recommend you get it done.

I'm outside your service area. Will you still groom my cat?

Yes - I will travel to most places in the GTA for an additional fee. The fee is determined by distance, so please contact me to get a quote.

Do you have somewhere I can bring my cat rather than pay a travel fee?

I'm sorry, but I do not have anywhere for you to bring your kitty. I'm strictly mobile.