where do you groom my cat?

For shaving, it's easiest to groom your cat in your bathroom. If you think your cat will be more comfortable in another room (or if you're concerned that your bathroom is quite small), it's best is to pick a room without a lot of raised furniture (as cats will hide under it) and that has a door (as cats will try to escape). Plus it's usually necessary to let them have a break and walk around every so often. 

If your cat is having a bath, a bathroom is necessary and I would recommend removing anything you don't want to get wet - magazine racks, extra rolls of toilet paper, etc. Cats will almost always jump out of the tub at some point. 

I do not have a van or a place for you to bring your kitty.

what do you need to groom my cat?

For a bath, you'll need a towel.

For a shave, just have a plastic bag for fur - a grocery sized one is fine.

Will you need me to stay while you groom my cat?

It depends on your cat and the service you want.

For some nail trims, I can do it myself, but it's best if you stay around to pet or distract your kitty if they're not fans of the process.

If your cat is getting a hair cut or dematting, you will need to stay.  It takes two hands to shave safely (especially for dematting).  I do usually try to do as much of the shaving as possible with minimal restraint, but for areas like the tummy and arms, the kitty will need to be held. Bathing is also much faster and easier with two people. I can bathe them alone if you have a fully enclosed tub or shower, but for drying, I'll need an extra set of hands.

If you aren't comfortable holding your kitty, I can bring along extra help for an additional $30.  However, as most people opt to hold their own kitties, I do not have a full time assistant.  As such, it will take longer to schedule your appointment.

how long is an appointment?

This is dependent on several factors: type of service, behavior of cat and condition of fur. In general, a full groom (nails, bath, brush out, blow dry) for a short hair takes 30-45 minutes and for a long hair 40-55 minutes. A lion cut can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It will depend on how still your cat sits and whether or not you want them to have a bath after. Finally, dematting can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending again on how still your cat is, how old your cat is (older cats have thinner skin and can take longer to demat), whether or not there's a bath and, most importantly, how severe the matting is. The more mats there are and the tighter the mats are, the longer it takes to safely remove them.   Nail trims are usually 5-10 minutes.


Can I pay an extra fee for a sooner appointment date?

No. I book appointments by area on a first come, first served basis. I'm happy to add you to my cancellation list, but I do not have a rush appointment for a fee option.