Going away when you have pets can be a challenge.  For cat owners, having someone come to the home is usually the first choice.  Cats are territorial animals and most of them dislike leaving their territory, so having a cat sitter allows your kitty to stay in their home environment.

As a cat owner, I know it can be stressful leaving your kitties, especially with a stranger.  I will try to make their experience as close to normal as possible, so please feel free to let me know any odd quirks or preferences your kitty has. (Trust me, your instructions aren't likely to be any more detailed than the ones I leave when I go out of town.)  Do they only drink water from a glass by the bed?  Like their food heated?  Have a particular routine for treats?  Just let me know.

Please note: there is no cat sitting over the Christmas. I have young nephews who live out of town and I spend the holiday with them. I also have a much smaller sitting area than grooming area and I do not travel outside it. Please check the service area page for more information.

half hour visits

Each half hour visit includes:

  • putting out fresh food and water (and treats, if allowed)

  • cleaning the litter box

  • administering medications, if applicable

  • playtime, grooming or cuddling, if your kitty is up for it

  • an email or text message update for you (if you are able to receive them)


One visit per day: $22.12 + HST = $25 per visit

Two visits per day: $19.47 + HST = $22 per visit ($44 per day)

Add nail trim to one of the visits: $26.55 + HST = $30 per cat

express visits

Do you have a cat who just hides when strangers come in? Is your cat generally not interested in having human company who isn't you? If so, the express visit is for you.  This service is a quick pop in to put out food, and water and clean the litter.  Visits are about 10-15 minutes.


One visit per day: $13.27 + HST = $15 per visit

Two visits per day: $11.50 + HST = $13 per visit ($26 per day)

Add a nail trim during visit: $26.55 + HST = $30 per cat