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Rescue Pets Are Awesome!

Hey everyone!  Here's a really awesome website dedicated to rescue animals.  People submit a photo and brief history of their rescue dogs and cats.  It was started by Anne Wheaton, wife of Wil Wheaton (who you may know from Star Trek The Next Generation or various other shows).  They are big supporters of the Pasedena Humane Society and adoption in general.  I had the chance to meet both of them this year and thank them in person for all the work they do to promote adoption.  They are super nice people! 

As someone who works in animal care, I cannot stress enough how important adoption is.  All of my kitties are rescues from either the Toronto Humane Society or Toronto Cat Rescue and the best pets I've ever met were rescue animals.  I definitely encourage people to go through rescues anytime they want a new pet. 

Anyway, check out this site, though have tissues.  Some of the stories are really heartwarming.