Cleopawtra Cat Services

Professional, in home cat grooming and cat sitting

We offer professional, in home cat grooming and cat sitting in Toronto, Ontario.


Thank you for your interest in my services!  At this time, email is the fastest way to contact me - feel free to use the forms below for your convenience.  Evening spots fill up much faster than daytime ones, so if you need urgent service, days are your best bet. 

As of January 8th -  I am booked until February 12th.

Note: if you haven't heard back from me in a couple of weekdays, please check your junk folder or message me again in case your email address was entered incorrectly.  Thanks!  Also, this company is only one person (me!) and I do all the correspondence as well as grooming.  I try to reply to everyone as soon as possible, but as I am often out grooming all afternoon and evening, I may not get a chance to reply to you same day.  Also, I often don't get to emails on the weekend.  Finally, I am unable to offer reminders for appointments. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Finally, please check my Service Area ( which is different for grooming and sitting) to make sure I can come to your location. 

Grooming Hours:

The latest appointment time each day depends on your area in the city.  There are never appointments before 1 1am and there are no weekend appointments.

Statutory Holidays: There are no grooming appointments and emails will not be answered.  For sitting, it varies, though I am always closed between Christmas and New Year's (my family is out of town).

Grooming Requests:

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Service Required: *
Please note that there are no flea baths. Please see FAQ for more information.
Please check the service area (link to the left) to make sure we can travel to your location
Assistance *
An assistant adds $30 to the cost of your groom and will take slightly longer to schedule. I don't have a full time assistant and therefore have to work around her schedule.
Availability *
There are no weekend appointments.
I am booked until February 12th. *


Sitting Requests

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Type of visit *
Express visits are not timed, they are the time it takes to put out food and water and clean the litter.
Is there parking at your home?
Please note: I do not offer cat sitting between Christmas (December 24) and New Year's (January 1)

Please note that I do not offer cat sitting over Christmas.  I recommend asking